HISTORY TV18 as part of its Social Outreach initiative will engage in various activities which connect Communities and Families to the HISTORY brand.


The two broad areas identified for engagement are Education & Conservation of Monuments. To take this forward HISTORY has forged an international partnership with UNESCO to advance the world’s awareness of the importance of preservation of World Heritage sites and education on cultural and natural heritage.


History TV18 has also partnered with the CBSE board in their educational campaign to preserve and protect heritage monuments in India. This program aims to educate and create Conversations about the rich history of India among the students. The program will involve a series of contests and activities which will be initiated in schools all over the country.


HISTORY TV18 in association with The Ministry of External affairs, unveiled “A Brush with Life”, a special documentary on living legend Satish Gujral, Indian painter and Sculptor of post independent era. The film, commissioned by MEA, traces the life and journey of the artist, and his special encounter of the historic world of India as revealed through his art of painting. The film, directed by Sujata Kulshreshtha, explores the literary, cultural, political and personal influences on his life and works. It is a celebration of an artist of unparalleled talent and a man of immense fortitude. There was a special screening of the film was followed by a panel discussion with Mr. Gujral and other prominent personalities present at the event. This film was later showcased on the channel


Event Photos